Board Of Trustees

Nancy Wilkins, Board Chair,

Mark Spehar, Board Vice-Chair,

Michael McCurry,

Clara Mae Crawford,

  Fawnette Richard,

Trego School Board Meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 4:30pm! Public is encouraged!

Board minutes are located in the District Office

Regular Board Meeting

Board of Trustees

6/10/2024 @ 4:30pm


Policy Statement

As patrons enter the board meeting, there will be a sign in sheet for attendance as well as a sign in sheet for agenda public comment or agenda item comment.  Patrons who want to speak at the meeting will need to sign up, indicating whether it’s a general public comment or if it is an agenda item comment, which agenda item they wish to make comment on. Where indicated on the agenda, the Board Chair will ask for any general public comment on a non-agenda item.  After comments are heard, the Board Chair may ask if the item of concern could be included on the agenda for the next meeting.   If a patron signs up to speak on an agenda item, again the Board Chair will recognize that individual when the Board gets to that item on the agenda.  Patrons must remember the right to privacy act concerning individuals.  Patrons and staff are asked to refrain from any further comments unless requested by the Board Chair, usually to get further resource information or clarification before a final action is taken.  The Chairman may interrupt or terminate an individual’s statement when it is too lengthy, personally directed, abusive, obscene or irrelevant.  The Board as a whole shall have the final decision in determining the appropriateness of all such rulings.  The public should realize that this is a trustee business meeting conducted in a public forum.


Open Meeting


Approve Minutes

General Public Comment

Zoom Comments

Reports:   Clerk- 1. Discussion of Accts 2. Summertime ideas (discussion and possible vote)    




Old Business… Info/Action

1.        Lease/Sabrina    DISCUSSION AND VOTE

2.        Computer/Shari (Mark)

3.        Reader Board     DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE VOTE

A.                  POLICY/RULES

                     4. Teacher Applicants  DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE VOTE

New Business….. Info/Action

1.        Natasha/Jobs

Input needed on what she is willing to do for the 24/25 school year

2.                    File Cabinets     DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE VOTE

A.                  Jackies file cabinet

B.                   Locks

                     3. Student Handbooks  DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE VOTE

                     4. Gun Policy      DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE VOTE

                   5. MTSUIP/ Member Laws  DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE VOTE


A.                  #2332, 2450, 3600, 3100, 3110, 3120, 3121/3121P, 3414, 3150, 3226, 3223, 3235, 3310, 3413, 3510, 3550, 4410, 8301, 1900-1912 (REMOVAL)

                     7. Mail Drop off at school    DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE VOTE





 New Meeting

Jun 10, 2024, 4:30 – 8:30 PM (America/Denver)

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